Our Fixed & Call Deposit Accounts that allow you to grow your money. This is a safe investment account which pays you a fixed interest rate on your deposits until a given maturity date.

Call Deposit Accounts

Kush Bank clients can place their money in these accounts for a minimum of one week and earn higher interest than savings or current accounts.

The rate of interest is pegged to either the prevailing overnight (inter-bank) rate or the average REPO rate.

Call deposits are only available in foreign currency

Call Deposit Accounts

As a Kush Bank client, you get to place your funds on a fixed term for an agreed period of not less than 1 month.

The rates applicable will be

  • Market-driven
  • communicated with you before placements are made
  • pegged to treasury bills rates plus premium


  • Flexibility with our varying maturity periods including 1, 2, 3, 6, & 12 months.
  • Negotiable interest rates depending on your portfolio.
  • Automatic rollover upon request.
  • One must have an existing account with Credit Bank
  • Low minimum opening balance