Michar Mangom Awic

Non-Executive Board Member

Michar is a Founder & non-executive board member of Kush Bank PLC. He has vast experience in accounting, particularly related to accountability in highly informal environments. In addition, he has a good grip of business strategy, project management, and risk management. He has previously worked with a Multi-donor Trust Fund led by the World Bank program in the Abyei region of South Sudan. In addition, he operates Canopus Co. Ltd in Juba and runs a conglomerate group of companies that provides a wide range of services, including construction services to the United Nations, international Non-Governmental Organizations, and the private sector in South Sudan.

Michar is an accountant by training and holds an MSc (Accounting and Finance) from the University of Juba and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Sudan University of Science and Technology, College of Business Studies at Khartoum.