Ryan O’Grady

Ag. Chief Executive Officer

For twenty years, Ryan has worked as a senior executive and international adviser across various sectors in East Africa, Central America, and North America. Experienced in engaging the interconnected sectors of government, corporate, financial services, non-governmental organizations, and academia, Ryan has been privileged to serve clients across a broad spectrum of backgrounds with a focus on capital raising, partnership development, strategic modernization, and optimization of resources, and the development of strong international linkages. This experience enables him to bring a deeper understanding of the ongoing needs of Kush Bank and its clients.

Focusing on the development of the East African financial corridor, Ryan spent the majority of the last ten-years building linkages and strategic approaches to strong relationships between East African financial institutions and their global peers, increasing financial inclusion, women’s economic empowerment, and large-scale partnership development, including related to infrastructure, trade and economic growth targets.

Previously, Ryan served as International Investment Adviser to Kush Bank, before assuming the role of Head of Business, then Deputy CEO, and now Ag. Chief Executive Officer. Leading the Executive team of Kush Bank, Ryan is focused on ensuring a stable and innovative approach to banking services, partnership development, and value addition over a variety of strategic sectors across South Sudan. In conjunction with a focus on sustainable relationships with international partners and investors, the bank will contribute to the growth of the national economy through an active and engaged financial services framework that enables access to financial services, supports innovative entrepreneurship, creates a robust digital platform for service delivery, and embraces opportunities to develop value chains that enhance the competitive landscape for the nation.

A Canadian by birth, Ryan studied Public Administration and Policy Management at Carleton University before working for the Government of Canada. When not engaged in South Sudan, Ryan is an avid (but terrible) golfer, NBA fan (Go Raptors), and active traveller, using his time away to explore Africa with his partner, Virginia, the region that he calls home.

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