Ryan O’Grady

Ag. Chief Executive Officer

Building on a successful career in financial services and project development, Ryan O’Grady was appointed as Group CEO of Kush Holdings in 2022. Leading a multinational team of finance, trade, and development professionals from a base in UAE, Kush Holdings is a catalyst in the African region to unlock the potential of assets, create value for stakeholders and investors, and move projects from concept to reality, through a dynamic mix of talent, capital and market access.

A Canadian citizen, Ryan has spent the last decade active throughout the East Africa region in the areas of financial sector development and frontier project creation. Previously, he served in various positions within the Government of Canada before moving to the private sector where he specialized in modernizing operations and transforming companies for expansion or acquisition within various market segments in South America, Asia, and the Middle East regions.

Having most recently served as CEO of Kush Bank, South Sudan, Ryan understands the potential and impact of frontier investment, coupled with the opportunity inherent in working to ensure that financial institutions are active in the development of the economies they thrive in. During his time leading the bank, Ryan expanded the mission of the institution to be an engaged participant in the creation of local and national solutions, and a hands-on financial partner for clients. This led to the development of major investments into the country, driving the creation of value chains in agriculture, energy, and financial inclusion, aimed at overcoming barriers to economic growth and social inclusion.. Today, Kush Bank has a robust branch network across the country, a responsive offering of products and services, and international linkages to support the financial and management needs of clients and stakeholders.

Ryan, his wife, Virginia, and their daughter, Kayla, are based in the UAE, when they are not traveling throughout Africa exploring the incredible potential of the region.