Deng Michael Diing Aguer

Legal Manager and Corporate Secretary

Deng Michael Diing is a Legal Manager and Corporate Secretary at Kush Bank Plc., where he plays the important role of advising the board and management on legal matters and preparing the bank’s legal documentation.

He also takes a central role in documenting the board of directors’ meetings and activities to ensure compliance with the country’s compliance requirements. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law, LLB. (Second Grade Upper) from the University of Juba and has gained more than 10 years of experience in serving the local and international NGOs working in the country in various capacities related to legal aid and program management.

When he is not busy at Kush Bank offices, Deng creates opportunities to impact the society around him by working with local communities and facilitating training through workshops and participating in Focus Group Discussion sessions that aim to positively transform South Sudan. He enjoys reports writing, editing, and reading Legal Journals and books.