Rachel Shivachi

Ag. Head of Sales & Marketing

Rachel Shivachi is the Ag. Head of Sales Marketing at Kush Bank where she oversees the Sales team, and channel marketing activities.

Rachel has more than 15 years in Sales and Distribution. Before joining Kush Bank, she worked in various sections of two major telecommunication companies in Kenya in different capacities. This included Sales Operations, Trade marketing, and Partner & Channel management.

Rachel enables Kush Bank to widen financial inclusivity across South Sudan by growing the brand and offering easily accessible innovative products and services that meet the customer’s needs while creating value for the communities where the bank operates.

With an extensive pursuit of academic qualifications, Rachel is a certified Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt and also records certification in Finance for Non-Finance Managers, and Business Management, among others.

In keeping with her passions and immense abilities and creativity, Rachel enjoys traversing different countries and has a biased response to good music.