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Kush Bank at the 5 th Edition of South Sudan Oil & Power Conference

When the SSOP held in Juba, South Sudan ended, a lot of hope and expectations permeated through the conversations of the who’s who in the Oil and Power sector of the world’s youngest country.

Over the two-day conference (September 13 th and 14 th ), talks revolved around building infrastructure in the oil fields of South Sudan, empowering local communities, gender balance (or imbalance) in the lucrative industry, government involvement, and their initiatives to create an enabling environment for commercial/ private investors.

The elephant in the room remained financial access and enablement for all players in the market. Kush Bank’s significant uptake for partnership with the organizers as a gold sponsor for the event seemed to be the boldest move yet for the Bank to step out among its peers.

It was a declaration that our doors are wide open to investors who need a financial partner to walk the journey with them in the oil & power sector in South Sudan. During the SSOP conference, the bank announced critical milestones and partnerships that will impact the oil industry for years. The resounding one was Kush Bank receiving a mandate from Ezra Group and Jedco in the raising of USD 75M in capital for their integrated energy value chain project in South Sudan.

The capital raising will be completed through Kush Bank’s partnership with AIS Capital Advisors of Kenya and in collaboration with the Bank’s Investment Division, based in Dubai, UAE. Kush Bank will be the preferred financial partner for Ezra Group to bring together logistics, refining, solar energy, and traditional generating power for South Sudan’s benefit. So how do we do it? At Kush Bank, our strength lies in five primary factors – good governance, a professional and customer-oriented team, partnerships, faith in the success of South Sudan, and investment returns.

Kush Bank has curated products and services that meet the varying business demands for men, women, and youth in the commercial sector. These financial solutions include NRA payment counters, current accounts, fixed-term deposit services, salary processing, off-shore investments, project advisory, and financing services. Our objective is to improve access to financial services for the business community in South Sudan with convenience and efficiency. A key differentiator for Kush Bank in our local positioning is our strong relationships with international partners, particularly from the DFI sectors. This is typically a relationship reserved for regional or international banks and it places Kush Bank in a unique position to handle more extensive opportunities. As per the words of our Acting CEO Ryan O’Grady, “Kush Bank is looking to go beyond borders, open doors, and ensure our clients have a one-stop-shop offering of financial services and products to meet their needs. Whether that is access to banking through our digital platform or arranging capital solutions on fair terms, our partnerships and global team reflect the high level of services we offer, and the results we get for our clients speak for themselves.”

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