Treasury Services

Get access to high-yielding investments and opportunities.

Fixed Income

Our Fixed & Call Deposit Accounts that allow you to grow your money. This is a safe investment account which pays you a fixed interest rate on your deposits until a given maturity date.

Call Deposit Accounts

Kush Bank clients can place their money in these accounts for a minimum of one week and earn higher interest than savings or current accounts. The rate of interest is pegged to either the prevailing overnight (inter-bank) rate or the average REPO rate.

Fixed Deposits:

As a Kush Bank client, you get to place your funds on a fixed term for an agreed period of not less than 1 month. The rates applicable will be:

  • Market-driven
  • Communicated with you before placements are made
  • Pegged to treasury bills rates plus premium


  • Flexibility with our varying maturity periods including 1, 2, 3, 6, & 12 months
  • Negotiable interest rates depending on your portfolio
  • Automatic rollover upon request
  • One must have an existing account with Kush Bank Plc
  • Low minimum opening balance

Foreign Exchange

With the increase in international trade, Kush Bank offers the most competitive foreign exchange rates for our clients with extra benefits that include preferential pricing on forex remittances with higher amounts. We make foreign exchange simple and efficient with our funds’ management solutions.


  • Available for the major international and East African currencies (US$, Euro and Pound Sterling etc.)
  • You can buy or sell foreign cash over the counter in any of our branches countrywide
  • Flexibility/negotiation of exchange rates for large amounts
  • Affordable commission rates on low amounts
  • Faster turn-around-time for settlements of transactions

Money Markets

Your Kush Bank money market account is an interest-bearing account. Although it is less flexible, it pays a higher interest rate compared to the regular savings account.

Money market funds typically invest in government securities, certificates of deposit, commercial paper of companies, and other highly liquid, low-risk securities and are considered a safe-haven investment.