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Commercial Accounts

Business Products

NRA Payments

We have recently been appointed by the National Revenue Authority to receive tax remittance on their behalf. Through your dedicated account manager Kush Bank can manage your NRA payments, thus ensuring improved efficiency for your tax management.

Agency Banking

This service is for SMEs and existing agents whose line of work supports and facilitates Kush Bank’s increased reach to bank the unbanked. In addition, it enables faster settlement, access to currency, and a gateway to rural areas where Kush has no branches

Trade Finance

Trade Finance Window
This service presents instruments that facilitate international trade, thus making it possible and easier for importers and exporters to transact business. These services include LPO financing, short-term loans, and Swift & Telegraphic Transfer.

Trade Finance Desk (Physical Trade)
This service is exclusive to Kush Bank SME clients and traders. It involves executing small-batch fuels trading that can be settled multiple times per week based on established and structured supply chain purchases and resell to traders with which the bank has an existing relationship (account and funds on hand).

Credit Solutions

Explore with us the opportunities to help your business grow, manage cash more effectively, and remove impediments from your operations. As an innovative partner for your enterprise, our team looks forward to working to design targeted solutions to meet your needs.

Letters of Credit
Kush Bank offers proper LCs and Guarantees to clients available for international settlement. These will be available alongside the NRA window and trade desk.

Pre-Shipment Finance
It is ideal for companies in agriculture and fisheries on a short-term basis to enable stocking up, processing and packaging.