Kush Bank PLC

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Digital Banking


Kush Bank’s digital solutions are designed for client convenience and financial control. Whether for a commercial structure or individual needs, they provide:

  • Ease of transactions
  • Less reliance on branch visits
  • Prompt transaction processing
  • 24/7 access to your bank account no matter where you are on the globe
  • Management of your money in multiple currencies

Kush Bank will work for you through our digital solutions which include Internet Banking, Kush Bank App and Mobile Money Integration – all designed for client convenience and financial control.

Internet Banking

Pay your electricity bill, take care of school fees, or give a prompt response to international trade and service provision.

Kush Bank’s Internet Banking solution allows you to:

  • Access real-time balances and mini statements and 6 months statements
  • Pay bills/school fees through funds transfer to Kush Bank accounts
  • Make bulk payment of suppliers
  • Do your salary processing to Kush Bank accounts for staff (staff and suppliers to have Kush Bank accounts)
  • Pay NRA fees
  • Transfer money from a Kush Bank account to a mobile wallet (Mgurush / MoMo)
  • Salary advance module that will give 10% of salary processed via Kush Bank for an average of 3 months
  • A 3.5% interest to be collected automatically of the scheme/ corporate salary processing date

Mobile App & Agency Banking

The app enables seamless access to all online banking services, including mobile money and EFT services. In addition, it is continually upgraded as new services come online.

Who has access?

  • Individuals including students, Government workers, single entities, private company employees, NGO funds beneficiaries, and the self-employed.
  • Large, small & medium enterprises including manufacturers, retail shops, hospitals, fuel stations, importers, and exporters who can check fees paid to them in real-time from a Kush Bank customer who has the mobile app and issuer of service can in real-time see the transaction received.
  • Non-governmental organization’s staff.
  • Agency network, through KUSH BANK BELETNA agents near you where one can deposit to a Kush Bank account to facilitate services such as rent payments from persons that have no Kush Bank accounts who will walk to a Beletna Agent and deposit.
  • Kush Bank account holders can walk to Kush Bank BELETNA agent and withdraw physical cash.

Mobile Money

No more being caught short of cash while out, no more missing out on a purchase opportunity.

At Kush Bank, we realize that individuals and businesses need real-time access to their money. As a result, we have partnered with leading telcos to integrate a client’s Kush Bank account with their preferred mobile money service provider. With a few clicks, the transaction is made and the funds are in hand – fast and secure.

Our mobile-money partnerships provide:

  • Bank to Wallet transfer.
  • Increased customer convenience by the customer-seeking Telcos (Mgurush/MoMo agents) who can encash their wallet funds.
  • Round-the-clock access to your money while sitting in a shop that accepts Mgurush or MoMo payments.
  • Purchase of JEDCO tokens through Mgurush float
  • Allow our customers to send money to other destinations from their wallet float.

(Mgurush is linked to 12 countries – India, Pakistan, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Ghana and Somalia.