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World Conservation Day

On this World Conservation Day, at Kush Bank, we are taking a moment to look at our impact on the environment and see how we can align ourselves as a strong corporate citizen, operating in a country with abundant and important ecosystems, such as the SUDD Wetlands, and the Nile River.

As an organization that strongly believes in sustainability and effective use of natural resources, it is not strange that our banking products are suited for the agricultural sector, and environmentally conscious organizations.

When we are examining opportunities for investment and operations, we look at the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to determine our approach and impact as a starting point. To this end, our financial institution is focused on how we minimize our footprint in our operations, converting our branches to solar power, reducing our electricity draw by utilizing more energy efficient air conditioning, and embracing sustainable approaches to agriculture and forestry in our projects.

In South Sudan, we are blessed with an abundance of natural resources, as a financial institution that helps to develop these resources, Kush Bank embraces the inclusion of conservation tactics, such as the planting of 5 trees for 1 tree removed, introducing solar power to boreholes that we sponsor or fund, along with water conservation techniques in these systems, all along looking at how we can continue to reduce our impact on this planet we all share.

Adoption of technology allows for investment in Solar Power and other renewable sources of energy. At present, through our CSR initiatives we are working with a number of state governments to provide access to solar powered streetlights, reducing the draw on the fossil-fuel powered grid in their communities, creating stable sources of street lighting at a reduced environmental impact, and improving the security of the communities we serve through better lighting in the darkness of night.

Additionally, earlier this week in Bor, South Sudan, Kush Bank was honored to donate a 10,000-litre water tank to give the surrounding community of GoodHope Nursery & Primary school access to water from a borehole in the school vicinity. The water will be pumped from the borehole at no cost to the school. The water-pumping process is made green, sustainable and cost-free by the solar panels provided by the bank to power the borehole pumps. This way, the water point will always be operational for the good of the community around the school. Locating the water source within the community reduces the need to bring in water by truck, it ensures that local citizens no longer have to walk a great distance to access water, and it increases the security, particularly for women and girls, by having access within a closer distance to their residence. Partnering with communities to develop and manage these resources is a priority for our team. It’s part of our focus as a national bank, serving local communities.

Our efforts are structured and strategic as we take deliberate steps towards the full adoption of the UN sustainable Development Goals.

Because this day is about recognizing the need for preserving a healthy environment and natural resources to maintain a stable and healthy society, we encourage our staff, our customers, and our partners to play an individual role in planting a tree, disposing garbage correctly, harvesting rain water, switching off an unused light, walking the short distance instead of driving, or any other activity that can contribute to the global venture of conserving our environment with the future and present in mind.

In our individual efforts, great gain is made for the benefit of the whole.