Kush Bank PLC

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with a diverse client base, Kush Bank is well-known as a strong performer in the financial sector.

Established in 2012, Kush Bank was founded by national shareholders to focus on the financial needs of clients across South Sudan. Over a decade of experience has guided the institution through continued growth, ensuring the development of a mature and stable institution that has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products and services, and a clear track record of delivering a quality experience to clients. With a diverse client base from international and domestic sectors, commercial and humanitarian, Kush Bank is well-known as a strong performer in the financial sector. As South Sudan continues its journey of growth as a nation, we continue to develop innovative products and services to match the needs of the national marketplace, creating an intersection point between domestic market demands and international partnerships and services.

Why Kush Bank is your Trusted Business Partner

Innovative lending

From project finance to personal or salary loans, Kush Bank has a suite of products tailored to your needs.

Benefit from our

Our advisory services will link you with the technical experts you need to grow your business, manage your money, and secure your future.

Investment solutions
that grow with you

From short to long-term options, we have a variety of stable investment products to meet your goals, and knowledgeable staff to guide you through the process.

Reach across
the country

We have 6 branches located in Juba, yambio, Bor Wau, Mingkaman & Angok.Our wide agent network across the country gives you access to services closer to you.

Strong digital

Our Internet Banking and Mobile App allows you to access and transact 24/7 from your comfort zone. Move money securely and fast, online, anytime, anywhere.

Our Commitment to Service Delivery

Our pricing model is transparent based on our operational experience working with local and international NGOs such as WFP, HPF, Islamic Relief, and numerous other clients.

Efficiency & Dependability
We understand the different costs and time frames of delivery in the rainy vs. dry season, the cost of moving small denomination notes, the fluidity of security issues, and the need for adequately funded field office operations.

Effective Communication
With services such as a dedicated account manager to respond to client queries, you can be assured that the field operations will receive our utmost attention in relation to our contractual obligations.

Our teams are trained in cash handling procedures, customer relationship management, and ethical conduct. They service an average of 80,000 humanitarian beneficiaries and pay incentives to 9,000 workers monthly. In executing their roles, they abide by the instituted code of conduct, Anti-Money Laundering, and Counter-Terrorism Financing policies and demands for KYC. We are also licensed by the Bank of South Sudan to operate Field Cash Services country-wide in a seamless, secure, and functional format.

Fulfilment of Obligations
Our solutions, system integrations, and partnerships will cater to the defined client requirements.

Adaptability and Responsiveness
Changes in the operating environment require an FSP who can quickly adapt to the environment’s needs and client’s expectations. Kush Bank is a national bank with deep roots and local knowledge of cash delivery realities such as security-related situations in conflict-prone regions, weather patterns, and practical alternatives in cash delivery. Our relatable team submits daily operations reports and ensures all documents associated with the cash transfer/ delivery are accurately and promptly shared.

Kush Bank’s innovativeness allows the adoption of a robust technology platform that has been field-tested and performs to meet stakeholder expectations. As a result, we have the technical backbone of software and hardware, tested, capable of delivering cash or accounts-based transfers, mobile money, reporting, and the appropriate secure linkages with a 99% uptime and accessibility.