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Humanitarian & Social Sector

Outreach Payment Services

Field cash management and humanitarian cash transfer services continue to be important in South Sudan. This vital “final mile” link makes the difference for thousands every month, a testament to the commitment of donors and ingenuity of delivery for partners.

Since its inception, Kush Bank has undertaken field cash transfers, mobile money, and general banking services to multilateral organizations and international institutions, commercial entities, and individuals across South Sudan in a secure, transparent, and cost-effective manner.

Field Cash Drop

For each contract, the service is realigned to ensure performance optimization and compliance with the organization’s terms, conditions, and requirements. This will include:

  • Cash distribution
  • Organization Account to Mobile Money transfer to beneficiaries
  • Organization Account to Beneficiary Account transfer

While each contract has unique specifications, the cash drop process regularly delivers cash for NGO clients as per set instructions.

Payroll Processing

Given the technology adoption at Kush Bank, salary payments are an automated process involving your payroll staff uploading an excel sheet with the salary details. Kush Bank then handles the payments directly to staff accounts (within 2 – 4 hours of file upload) and staff members receive their salary within 24 – 36 hours.

We encourage staff members to sign up for Kush Bank accounts for prompt salary payments, and this can be done by a team from the Bank who come to the organization on agreed days to conduct the registration exercise.

The team can also work with the client’s HR department to have staff in distant locations fill out online forms that will be used to create their bank accounts at Kush Bank.

  • These accounts will be opened free of charge
  • Salary withdrawals will be free of charge
  • Staff members can access their salaries through the Kush Mobile App on their phones, or Internet Banking

For staff members who are comfortable with their current bankers, the same efficiency level will be achieved except for interbank transfers, which may take 24 – 36 hours.


Kush Bank offers pre-financing facilities to the humanitarian sector at a cost to fund pressing beneficiary projects.