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Commercial Accounts

Cash Management



Given the technology adoption at Kush Bank, salary payments are an automated process involving your payroll staff uploading an excel sheet with the salary details. Kush Bank then handles the payments directly to staff accounts (within 2 – 4 hours of file upload) and staff members receive their salary within 24 – 36 hours.

Organizations using this solution effectively improve order and efficiency in the end-month processes that relate to employees. We encourage staff members to sign up for Kush Bank accounts for prompt salary payments, and this can be done by a team from the Bank who come to the organization on agreed days to conduct the registration exercise.

For staff in distant locations, they can fill out online forms that will be used to create their bank accounts at Kush Bank.

For more details, please call +211 (0)928 080 085 or visit your nearest Kush Bank branch.

Salary Advances
& Loans

In a growing economy, people sometimes need a helping hand to make investments or help them deal with emergencies and personal development goals.

Kush Bank can issue loans and salary advances at a competitive monthly interest rate to staff members associated with your organization.


  • Organization is a Kush Bank client
  • Negotiated terms and conditions between Kush Bank and Client
  • 3 months pay slips
  • Confirmation letter from employer stating terms of employment
  • Signed application forms

Cash Collection, Transfer
& Supplier Payments

Kush Bank is an ideal corporate business partner for managing the many simple or complicated transactions related to daily operations. These may include sales revenue, supplier payments, and various cash flows management.

For this product, we are licensed by the Bank of South Sudan to handle field cash management across the country, therefore, we can conduct safe cash drops to and from field offices.

The Cash-in-Transit is insured, thus reducing the risk of robbery and removing the threat from the client. Additionally, Kush Bank will deliver cash in either SSP or USD to field offices for their daily running and office management.

This service is facilitated on a commission basis for amounts handled per transaction.

  • Make EFT payments between all banks and branches in South Sudan, ensuring seamless payment of the organization’s bills.
  • Handle supplier payments by settling fully approved invoices. The payments are either on a pre-financing model or against a deposit account held within Kush Bank.
  • Enhance mobile-phone-based transactions with Kush Bank being the company’s depository. The bank can manage the outflow through digital payments.
  • Give the finance team 24/7 access to see the organization’s accounts and balances, EFT solution to all branches.

With the guidance of your dedicated account manager, we invite you to join the Kush Bank partnership and enjoy a new way of convenient and secure banking where managing your finances is possible at any time, wherever you are.