Kush Bank PLC

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Individual Accounts

Salary Account

Suitable for people with regular income and enables small-scale micro-lending. It is also available with the salary advance product.

If you are employed in South Sudan, the Kush Salary Account is the best account to open. This account is a perfect mix between the savings and current accounts allowing the customer to build a savings culture while being able to manage their finances and digitally make payments for utilities such as electricity tokens, and even shopping bills among others. The account is flexible and allows one to open in either USD or SSP. An account holder gets the opportunity to build a credit history and earn some interest based on the maintained minimum balance. The Kush Salary Account is not employer-dependent. If you change employers, you don't have to open another account. You can continue running the same account and receive your salary right there

  • Free digital access for account management
  • Debit card
  • Cheque book on opening account
  • Opening balance required
  • Minimum account balance applied
  • Bill payments through mobile phone integration
  • Monthly statements
  • Can be opened in SSP or USD
  • Access to salary advance and check off facilities* (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Employment letter
  • National identity card
  • 2 passport photos
  • Duly filled account opening form
  • Tax registration certificate

In a growing economy, people sometimes need a helping hand to make investments or help them deal with emergencies and personal development goals.

Kush Bank can issue loans and salary advances at a competitive monthly interest rate to staff members associated with an organization that is a Kush Bank client.

Fees Charged
  • Cheque clearance fees
  • Cheque books issued
  • Salary processing fees
  • Transactional fees apply
  • Organization is a Kush Bank client
  • Negotiated terms and conditions between Kush Bank and Client
  • 3 months payslips
  • Confirmation letter from employer stating terms of employment
  • Signed application forms