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Funds Management


In an era where countries are building up the capacity to utilize their local resources and leverage international relationships and partnerships, you need your bank to be a trusted business partner who understands where you are going, what you need, and one whose products align with your strategy and operations. That partner is Kush Bank Plc. We are a national bank that embraces South Sudan's diversity to develop investment channels and deliver them through a professional team while adhering to Bank of South Sudan regulations and global standards.

Gaining a return on your capital is essential to growing your net worth. Moreover, investments are enormously beneficial to the entrepreneurs' journey in growing their businesses locally and internationally. Likewise, to save for retirement, education, and future dreams, clients can explore one or any combination of investment options shown below by partnering with Kush Bank.

Balanced Portfolio

  • This investment option is ideal for enterprises between projects or during cash flow-rich cycles and stable-income individuals.
  • The balanced portfolio is locked in on a short-term 90 – 120 day average for rollover.
  • It is a medium-high-risk product with an estimated quarterly return of 8%.
  • Funds are utilized for trade-related financing activities on a short-term rolling basis

Building Your Future

  • This low-risk product is a long-term, retirement, and pension-focused fund with a low-risk estimated rate of return of between 5% – 7% per annum.
  • Funds are placed in regional bonds, exchange traded funds, and a minority (30%) in trade finance and forex-related activities.

Annual Income

  • This medium-risk product is an annual locked-in fund with an estimated 8% – 10% return per annum.
  • Funds are placed in a mix of regional investments and trade finance activities.

Pension Fund Management

Our newly-crafted pension management service allows Kush Bank to strategically place the monthly deposits in investment vehicles with safe and modest yields until staff member attains the retirement age.

For pension contributions, the investment team of Kush Bank focuses on a balanced approach of:

  • Regional government bonds (outside of South Sudan) – to provide a stable baseline for returns on a guaranteed basis.
  • FX portfolio – to ensure a low-risk, rapidly managed element to the portfolio.
  • Financial instrument trading provides diversity in a well-protected fashion and easy-to-exit positions.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds – to provide exposure internationally to balance the risk in instruments and regional returns.

The portfolio will be balanced across these areas to ensure risk exposure is not weighted to a particular area, reducing risk and broad exposure.
If your organization is currently losing out on cash that has the potential for earned interest, Kush Bank is here to solve this challenge for you.

Managing your pension fund with us ensures employees’ retirement earnings do not suffer a significant inflation impact.


  • We spread the investments based on the contributor’s age
  • All contributions have the principal amount protected with reference to the investment strategy; therefore, the portfolio will reflect low-risk, low/medium gain exposures
  • Performance tracking
  • Quarterly statements on each portfolio performance
  • Annual statements to each staff member concerning their pension contributions levels
  • Annual review to address staff questions and ensure updated KYC information, such as next of kin